All Major Credit Cards
We gladly accept the following forms of payments for all U.S. orders:


Please Note: The shipping address must be a PayPal confirmed address.)
A buyer’s Confirmed Address is checked against the credit card billing address maintained by his or her credit card company, or is verified by PayPal. Because Confirmed Addresses must be in the name of the account holder, Gift Addresses can never be confirmed.

Other payment methods: Call for help with other payment methods. 1-866- 438-5187

Sales Tax

Items shipped within Colorado are charged with sales tax of 2.9% sales tax. We must collect sales tax from those living in Jefferson County (.5%) and the city of Westminster (3.85%). Sales tax is not applicable on orders shipped to any other city or state in the US.

For those living in Colorado Jefferson county and the city of Westminster We will offer a 10% discount when you call with a confirmed address in these specific locations.

1-866- 438-5187 or in Colorado call 303-457- 8505